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We're Getting Married!

Thirteenth of September 2014

The Ceremony Begins in:



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The Ceremony

Matt and Emily will make their vows before God and close family in the Little Church at Ascension.

The Little Church at Ascension

230 Santa Maria Drive
Chesterfield, MO 63005

The Reception

Join us in celebration at Cedar Lake Cellars.

Bar opens at 5:30pm. Dinner at 7:00pm. Dancing all night baby!

Cedar Lake Cellars

11008 Schreckengast Road
Wright City, MO 63390

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The Wedding Party

Dan Kreikemeier

Best Man

Dan is easily the most infamous Kreikemeier of the them all. My friends like him more than me. The guy just knows how to live life - extra cheese, extra meat, add bacon - that might as well be his motto. I don't think too many brother combos could pull off working together every single day, but luckily Dan takes pretty much nothing seriously, so it works. Dan, thanks for being exceptionally good at 1,2,3, and incomprehensibly bad at Zoomie, Zoomie.

Sarah Bryant

Maid of Honor

Sarah and I have not only gone to high school together, but also middle school and even grade school! From cheerleading days to prom nights, from college visits to cross-country road trips, from Cardinals games to Wilson Phillips, from Snow - Cone discoveries to fresh snow in the Swiss Alps, Sarah is my best friend and the most amazing blonde a brunette could ever ask for!

Jay Kreikemeier


Jay loves long walks on the beach and a smooth bourbon, but by God he HATES to be on group texts. He is easily the most intense person I know. The dude still shows up to family parties with dislocated shoulders from rugby. But, he also knows how to have a good time, partying with the likes of Kid Rock and Zac Brown Band over the years. Jay, thanks for always covering Mom and Dad's corkage fees for Hob Nob at Annie Gunn's.

Tricia Kreikemeier


The first time I met Trish she did not say one word, she put her hand out for the secret Delta Zeta handshake, we were instant "sisters" and even better, friends. From that moment on, I feel so lucky to have one of the most caring, incredible, high kick contest winning, air guitar master, marathon trainer, honeymoon scouting, hiking partners as my sister in law, forever!

Jeff Kreikemeier


Thanks to Jeff, no one has any idea what my real name is. Jeff just loved me so much, he named me "Goon" at birth - and it stuck. Jeff and I definitely have the same blood - able to watch Dumb and Dumber over and over, get in a quick game of hockey between studying, and drive ten hours in one day to watch one college soccer match. Jeff, thank you for giving me the confidence to always feel comfortable rocking a soccer jersey at any event.

Jamie McLain


She is a Mrs. now but I will never be able to think of her as anyone but Hooker. As friends through college, and roommates after, Hooker has been one of the dearest friends I know. Whether that includes our visits to the Den or our trips to the wineries, through good times and bad, I couldn't think of someone better to have by my side, today and forever.

Ryan Dick


Ryan is excellent at dancing on elevated services. Turn on "Wonderwall" and the dude is on an elevated service in seconds, singing into an air mic. Ry was such a good kid before he met Jay, Malone, and myself. Now, he loves a real stiff Parrot Bay Piña Colada. Ry, thanks for being a pure bread Dick and having an uncanny ability to bark like a dog better than any human ever should be able to.

Carter Case


Carter, where to even begin! The first night we met was at an AKL party, crossing the street trying to get home to the Freudenberger House where we lived on the green mile. From this moment, into a loft where Carter taught me how to roller skate inside and bobsled down our stairs, life has never been quite the same since she moved across the country, but love that she is by my side today and always.

Matt McCarthy


Carth and I have been teammates and friends since about 10. We got drunk for the first time together when we were way too young. He's a Bourbon original and sometimes I think the only reason we're friends is so he can visit the cabin once a year. Fun fact: he's never fully closed his mouth. Fun Fact: he can fit his whole fist in his mouth. Fact: it's weird every time. Carth, thanks for always being a willing streaking partner.

Emily Fesler


Emily (aka Fes) and I met at work just a few years ago. From work lunches, to nights out with the hookahs, late night calls while I was in Switzerland and early morning calls when she was on leave, we never run out of things to talk about and I could never have imagined being so lucky to get to know someone so quickly that felt like we had been friends for life.

Jason Tillman


Jay and I were co-captains at MSU where he pretty much single-handedly won us a Big Ten Championship. We were awesome, especially at partying. So awesome, that Jay got me arrested for bum chumming with him on Red Dragon (his one man scooter) with no shirt on. Yes, the cops picked me up for riding on a one man scooter, with another man, with no shirt on. Jay, thanks for living in our closet for two years. Cawww Cawwwww.

Kristy Erker


Kristy became my official sister a few years ago and we were instant friends. From celebrating our parents' engagement at the winery, to nights on Wash Ave, Christmas time fun, game nights and BBQ on Sundays, so thankful for our first Christmas together in front of the "fire" and that you're by my side through this special time.

Tim Baldes


Tim is easily the most angry best friend a guy could have. I was terrified of him when we first met at SLUH. Deep down, we all know he's a softy, though. For investment advice, Tim is the last person you should ever ask. Tim, thanks for fouling our forward with 10 seconds left so I could score and beat you in college.

To the Queen!

Kate Hiatt


Kate welcomed me to the family long before this time, and I am so grateful for that, even if it came with a few babysitting nights and dirty diapers. She was determined during my 8 months in Switzerland that the kids would not forget me and I would not forget them, it meant so much. I am thankful to have such a good friend and amazing person in my life.

Eddie Davis


Fred, Fredbird, Freddie Eddie, Edward Charles Xavier Davis Jr. He has lots of names, but none of them are Goon. However, several of you will probably congratulate him instead of me on my wedding day. Most people don't know their dopplegangers, but Fred and I do. Fred, thank you for the Tan Van - so many good memories #chaosX4. Also, thank you for being the fastest man alive.

Melinda Kreikemeier


Melinda is the sister I never knew I had, and now it will actually be for real! From our weekend talks at the lakehouse, to our fun concert nights, Nashville trips, Big Cedar campfires, winery visits and hilarious laughter every time we're together, I am so grateful to have such a caring, helpful, sincere friend and sister in my life and by my side through this time.

Michael Kotick


Kotick may or may not be responsible for "making" me go out 8 days a week when he first moved to St. Louis so we could meet new people. Who would have known that berry bombs, quarters, Grandma, Lionel, dance floor cameras, hawking, rafiki, Disney songs, and so many things I can't mention would have led to this. Kotick, thanks for finding Em for me!

JC Pleban


JC is one of the most unselfish, considerate friends a guy could ask for. He's always willing to volunteer to drive RVs so his pals can have a good time on cross country trips to the Indy 500. He's always especially respectful of authority figures - mainly those of the police officer variety. When he disagrees, he always politely keeps his opinion to himself. JC, thanks for actually being exactly none of those things, it wouldn't be nearly as fun. #TD4W

Matt Malone

(Honorary) Usher

While Jay, Ryan, and I were training every day, Malone mastered World of Warcraft, earning The Sword of 1000 Truths - so he had that going for him. He is also really good at dancing, and doing flips on his bed - like, in the cool kind of way, of course. He and I also used the same fake ID in college, literally one right after the other, which says a lot about our college bars. Malone, thanks for being "the best arouuuund", blowing up our toilet, and for your picture of grapes.

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The Lake

Our Story

Moments That Wrote Our Story

We've been around the world and back, but it all started in our backyard...well, a city's backyard.

Depending on when you asked us how we met, we may have told you that I dove in front of a car to save her, that she spotted me from across the room and it was love at first site, or a strange happenstance of fate brought us together. The truth is, we met in a bar. Yes. A. Bar. The one and only Side Bar - our backyard.

It's not glamorous, but it's our story, and to us, it's more special than anything in the world.

Nothing about our relationship was normal. Our schedules didn't exactly line up while Emily worked her way towards a Masters Degree, but, typical of a web designer and digital marketing guru, we grew to know each other through outlets like Facebook, instant messaging, and texting. We made it work.

As we grew closer, we spent countless nights after late bar shifts literally up until the sun would rise, just talking and laughing, and then I'd be off to work. It was our time, alone, a quiet city, just Emily and me.

With a startling shake, I awoke Emily in the middle of the night. We no longer were forced to spend our nights getting to know each other, but I wanted that moment of a quiet city with her just one more time. We talked about our fears of her leaving for Switzerland and how our lives would never be the same. We talked about places we wanted to travel and things we wanted to see. We talked about our family, present and future. We reminisced on so many of the hilarious times we'd spent together. We laughed a lot. We always laugh a lot.

It was then that I wanted to bring our story full circle. From the first night we spent alone talking while the rest of the world slept until now when, despite the bright lights, the city was asleep, and it was just Emily and me. I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me. If she wasn't awake before, she was now!

She said yes and I placed my grandmother's ring on her finger. She cried, she laughed, she screamed. She was happy, I was happy, and we talked until the sun came up.

Hashtag HappilyEverAfter

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The Matterhorn


Use this hashtag when you tweet and instagram photos.

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Our Registry

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The Destination

Meet Me in St. Louis


Fairfield Inn & Suites

A block of rooms has been reserved for our guests at a discounted rate. Please reference the Kreikemeier/Cloud wedding when making your reservation. Kindly reserve your room by September 1, 2014.
Book a Room »

For those staying downtown for the Rehearsal Dinner, we encourage you to explore available options, but here are a few to consider:

Downtown Bars



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The Guest Book

Send Matt and Emily your congratulations or share some words of wisdom!

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